A unique engaging style, futuristic attitude, and technique that offers clear, realistic insight into how complex changes in the marketplace transforms how you and your organization must think and lead.


A hands-on approach based on global experience across multiple business sectors that offers realistic solutions to complex siuations that will transform how your organization competes in the new normal. If you think you understand business strategy and leading today's organization, think again.


Jim inspires people to think differently and come away with the confidence to deal with the challenges they face both personally and professionally. A master story teller that puts things into perspective and brings simplicity to complexity. An understanding that learning takes place when the impact affects both the heart and the head.


"What a truly gifted speaker you are! I am not sure what impresses me most ...your story-telling ability or your insight and perspective regarding the world today."

-Ed Lutz, Marriot

"I have heard so much feedback from the team on the impact your presentation had. Everyone really liked the stories that you shared, you gave everyone so much to think about. The information made us start thinking."

-Becki Johnson , Schwab

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Eight Forces that Will Shape the Future

If you think the speed of change is fast today - it hasn't even started. The world is reshaping its self at warp speed, but underneath those changes are important and understandable plates that, once understood, provide a template with which to make decisions and gain insight into what seems like overwhelming challenges.

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Changes In Technology: What and What Does It Mean?

Ten-year business plans have been replaced with ten-week plans. We are entering a time that includes greater-than-human technological sophistication and intelligence. Even science fiction writers have mostly abandoned any attempt to portray the hyper accelerated technological world of fifty years hence. In coming decades, programmers from third world will outnumber the first world technical support population between five- and ten-to-one.

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Building High Performance Teams

Are you focusing on your company's productivity levels? Quality? Leadership skills? Team effectiveness? Overall employee motivation? Organizational design? How about putting people in a room and having them discover the power of moving to an efficiently-designed, well-led organization that taps into the energy of individual ownership and teamwork?

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Leadership: “If I Take Away Your Title, Will They Follow You?”

So you think you really know what it takes to be a leader in the communications age? You believe that some things are just impossible to do unless you see it happen? You think you really understand how people look at you and how that frames your company's culture? You think people hear your company vision and really understand and see what you are after? If you can answer yes to these questions, you don't need to hear Jim.

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How Your Business Can Do Everything Right and Still Lose

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” Sun Tzu – The Art of War. Most companies that close down use the wrong strategy and wrong tactics. It is a combination for failure. There is a thin line between strategy and tactics; they are different yet both of them are integral in the path to success. Implementing one without the other is ineffective and counter – productive.

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Change or Be Changed

Why is it that organizations want to change and just can't seem to fast enough? Why is it that companies and people confuse incremental change with transformation [real deep change]? Today, our workplace and markets keep changing. New ways of thinking and behaving are required because change is major in scope, discontinuous with the past and generally irreversible.


"Jim is a visionary. He conceptualizes and sees the future of an organization before many people. He brings an idea to reality by pulling together people and resources from various parts of the world and channeling them to achieve goals."

-Nabil Alyousuf, Chairman of Nabil Alyousuf and Associates

"Thank you very much for an awesome talk. We could all feel the energy and charisma that resonated between you and the audience. I can see why you are a world class consultant. You are uniquely blessed with talent in observation, analysis, synthesis, communication and a great sense of humor."

-Ming Chang

Offered exclusively at the executive and board level

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Core Business Identification and Corporate Strategic Development

Challenges outmoded beliefs with fresh business foresight. Shows the contrast between where you are and where your business needs to go. Provides insight into new products and services by Learning how to operate in unfamiliar territory. The truth is you can't get old ideas out until you put new ideas in.

Executive Coaching

Personal, professional and effective. Jim works with executives to take their strengths to a new level while minimizing their weaknesses. A unique confidential relationship that builds confidence and independence at the same time.

Executive Team Building

It is the little things that get in the way of the building effective teams. It is about overcoming the blind spots, understanding what motivates people and understanding the secret to building high peak performance together.

Strategic Communication

Ten year plans have been replaced with ten day plans. In today's world communication is instantly worldwide. Social media is redefining how and why we communicate. At the end of the day, it does not mater what you say. It only matters what I hear.

Change Management

Your entire life story has taught you that the change you have experienced has netted out to the positive. Discover ways to manage not to ignore that lesson.


"Jim gets people to understand that with the right tools they can achieve great things. His ultimate gift is that he teches you not so much what to think as how to think."

-John Ollen, CBRE

"It was amazing how you connected with each one of us...your searching eyes penetrated the depths of our souls every time you paused for us to reflect on what you were teaching us."

-Tanu Mukherjee, India

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Leadership - Strategic and Intuitive

Understand leadership in the digital world. That your greatest strength is your greatest weakness. Experience how substituting belief for knowledge and hope for expectation has profound implications for you as a leader.

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Rethinking Business When Stakes Are High

Traditionally, our paradigms, myths and scripts have told us what to do. New ways of thinking and behaving are required. Jim helps recreate new personal and organizational frameworks that enable us to "build a bridge while walking on it."

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Forces Shaping The Future

The world is continuing to reshape itself at warp speed, but underneath those changes are forces. Jim will reveal these eight forces and in a practical way discuss what they mean for managing organizations and people.

Video Overview

Jim challenges outmoded beliefs
with fresh business foresight

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